Epic Europe & Morocco 2017

14 cities

7 countries

5 weeks

A handmade Itinerary with all the frills included, except the high price tag

Itinerary - Week One

from Friday 19thMay

Brisbane - Singapore - Helsinki - London

Itinerary - Week Two

from Friday 26thMay

Marrakesh - Rabat - Fes

Itinerary - Week Three

from Friday 2nd June

Fes - Tangier - Ronda - Madrid

Itinerary - Week Four

from Friday 9th June

Madrid - Rome - Orvieto

Itinerary - Week Five

from Friday 16th June

Orvieto - Helsinki - St Petersburg

Itinerary - Week Six

from Friday 23rd June

St Petersburg - Helsinki - Singapore - Brisbane


Language: Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish and German

Currency: Euro

Capital: Tallinn - population 408,000



Estonia has:

  1. Online voting for elections, it was the first country in the world to use it.

  2. A population of only 1.3 mil...

On Monday the 22nd, hopefully we can take a day trip to Tallinn.

There are three main ferry lines that do the trip, below is info on the best two.  

Linda Line is the fastest and it's ports are the most centrally located.  However, it's important to note that they...

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