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Singapore - Friday 19th May

Getting a good nights sleep with a little sightseeing on a 29 hour stopover in Singapore

Arriving at 6.35 pm Friday night and departing the following evening at 11.35pm

Some useful/important things to consider first....


Singapore Airport has luggage storage facilities. So our suitcases would never need to leave the airport, this would have several benefits

  • It is cost effective, at only S$ 4.28 per suitcase for 24 hours

  • Without suitcases we would have no trouble using a normal taxi, which is much cheaper than the maxi taxi that we would need if travelling with the suitcases. (normal approx S$ 25 vs maxi at approx S$ 55-60)

  • Travelling light for the stopover would mean not having to drag bags to and from - yay!

  • Getting back to the airport would be simplified - potentially we may not even need to return to the hotel if no bags to collect, and could use the MRT for just S$ 3-4 each.

WAIT, NO BAGS? - The hotel will have shampoo, hairdryer etc so all we'd need is a change of clothes and basic toiletries tucked into carry-on. This shouldn't be too heavy to carry round right? Any other important items like tablets, phones, cameras, etc are things we will have to carry for the day regardless. It would be simple to remove an overnight "pod" from our suitcases on arrival before checking them into the storage.


April and May are the HOTTEST months of the year in Singapore

  • The historical average on the dates we are there is: High - 32 / Low - 24

  • Humidity is usually between 70-90%

However, it's also worth thinking about what the temps will be where we are coming from and going to

  • 23 degrees - is the likely high when we leave Brisbane on the morning of the 19th

  • 9 - 15 degrees - expected temp the day we get of the plane in Helsinki on the morning of the 21st


6.35pm - Friday, 19th May 2017 - Arrive in Singapore

  • Qantas - QF051

  • Singapore Changi Airport - Terminal 1

7.00pm - (approx) Deposit luggage in storage

  • Level 3, Public Area OR Departure Transit Lounge, Level 2, Transit Area

  • Cost is S$ 4.28 per suitcase for 24 hours

7.30pm - (approx) Taxi to hotel

  • In a normal taxi cost is approx S$25

  • This is only suitable if we have minimal luggage


Hotel Bencoolen @ Hong Kong Street

47 Hongkong Street, Singapore, 059685, Singapore

5 minute walk to Boat Quay - for food & drink and the river cruise

6 minute walk to Raffles Place

a bus stop across the street that connects with almost everywhere in Singapore

a 7-11 and foot massage salon also across the street

Room: Deluxe room - Twin & Queen bed rooms

Includes: free breakfast and wifi

check out time: 12pm

rooms at Hotel Bencoolen @ Hong Kong Street

Rooms at Hotel Bencoolen @ Hong Kong Street

walking directions to boat quay

Location of the Bencoolan @ Hong Kong Street hotel in relation to Boat Quay

Walking directions from hotel to Boat Quay

Walking directions to get from the hotel to Boat Quay

River Cruise map

River Cruise Map showing Boat Quay

River Cruise prices

River Cruise Prices

7-11 and foot massage

Bus Stop, 7-11 and Foot Massage salon across the street from the hotel

Bus line map

The Target type dot is the bus stop opposite hotel and the red lines show all the bus routes that stop there

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