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Interesting eats - Helsinki

The Magic of Lapland

Restaurant Saaga

  • The menu offers Northern delicacies like reindeer, elk, arctic char, Lappish cheese and wild forest mushrooms as well as delicious forest berries. The dishes served on wooden platters and slate stones, in cast iron pots, wooden kuksa mugs and ice, provide a feast for the eyes and for the tongue.

  • We also co-operate with several small producers to guarantee the good quality and specialized ingredients.

  • The pristine environment of the North creates an excellent place for wildlife and flora to flourish, so we use only pure Lappish and Finnish natural products.

  • Open Monday to Saturday only, from 6-11pm

A Finnish Tapas style restaurant


  • The specialty of our restaurant is Sapas, Juuri’s bite-sized tastes that draw their influence from local food tradition.

  • Sapas are small, uncomplicated portions that you can order several of at the same time. They are a diverse and exciting way to fill your stomach and are also an expedition to shared local culinary history.

  • The bread made to a sourdough starter of our own bakery supports the flavours. Since Sapas are meant to be shared, you can enjoy numerous taste experiences at once.

  • Open Sunday night for dinner, other days for lunch and dinner

Russian snacks, Finnish Style


  • Blinit specialises in savoury and sweet Blini's

  • The Blini's are cheap and there are intersting options like: Blini and mash potatoes - with fried mushrooms and onion with sour cream - 7.90 euro

  • The sweet blini start at 4.90 euro and they also have soups and mains

  • Open from 12-10 Tuesday to Sunday

Should we try Caviar?!

Finlandia Caviar shop and Restaurant

  • Finlandia Caviar Shop & Restaurant has been created for the enjoyment of caviar.

  • We have selected our best kaviaarilajikkeet the world, as well as the most suitable for champagne and vodka.

  • You do not need to be an expert to become the caviar us. If you have never tasted caviar Caviar Finlandia is the right place to start. We will guide you to the fascinating world of caviar will be happy. Caviar addition, we can enjoy fresh oysters.

  • Located right opposite the harbourside markets

  • Open from 11am

  • Tastings start from 3 euro

Finnish cuisine in Helsinki

Finnish cuisine is based on fresh and natural ingredients that vary according to the season. In addition to vegetables, mushrooms, berries and fish, Finnish food is typified by simplicity and purity of taste. Helsinki’s own cuisine also features influences from both the East and the West. Helsinki offers special culinary treats for each season of the year. January: burbot and roe with blinies February: Runeberg tarts, pea soup and laskiaispulla (Shrove buns) March-April: lamb, mämmi (Finnish Easter pudding), pasha May: perch, whitefish, pike-perch, sima (mead) and tippaleivät (May Day fritters), nettles June-July: new potatoes, salmon, sausage, herring, strawberries, blueberries, cloudberries August: root vegetables, crayfish, wild duck, chanterelles, apples September: Baltic herring, vendace, hare, trumpet chanterelles, lingonberry October-November: lamb, cabbage, elk, reindeer, goose December: ham, rosolli salad, root vegetable casseroles, ginger biscuits, Christmas pies, glögi (mulled wine)

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