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Sunday Breakfast in Helsinki

9.00am (approx) - First stop Breakfast / coffee / refuel

So, there are limited food places in Helsinki that are open on Sunday mornings. It seems the city is old school and sleeps in on a Sunday morning - in the centre of the city even McDonalds isn't open in the morning.

But after lots of research I have found a couple of places that seem suitable for our Sunday Breakfast.

It may not seem important to you now - but when the time comes, if we are starving and not able to get into the apartment then the below info could be very handy:

Karl Fazer Cafe

  • Fazer cafe isn’t just a coffee place, but a delicatessen where fresh baked breads, pastries and chocolate are all hand-made and fantastic. A legend of Finnish pastry cooking with a dash of French-Russo style, Fazer was opened by the chocolatier Karl Fazer. Fazer’s best breakfast comes with crusty slices of bread, turkey and ham, smoothies and iced cakes.(1)

  • Very popular with locals for Sunday brunch

  • voted #12 out of 1,151 restaurants in Helsinki

  • https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Restaurant_Review-g189934-d1010845-Reviews-Karl_Fazer_Cafe-Helsinki_Uusimaa.html

  • Opens 8 or 9 am

  • Good location - central and an easy stroll from here to Market Square

  • Fazer makes their own brand of chocolate, which they are quite famous for in Europe


  • Boring I know, but one of the few places open on a Sunday morning.

  • only a few minutes walk south of the apartment

  • at least we know what we will get

  • Open from 8am - unlike the downtown ones that don't open til noon

  • Cafe Ekberg

  • Famed across the city for its sweets, Café Ekberg goes all the way back to 1850. Classic in its structure and service, the bakery and patisserie serve unique Finnish brunches along with a number of delicious cakes. In an elegant French interior, the popular breakfast options include porridge, cereals, yogurt, eggs, omelets, cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables and much, much more. (2)

  • Very popular with the locals, does a Sunday brunch buffet that's a little expensive but also has cafe goodies and coffee

  • a little out of the way, but only 10mins travel south of apartment

  • https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Restaurant_Review-g189934-d942430-Reviews-Ekberg-Helsinki_Uusimaa.html

  • Open from 9 am


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