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Useful Info - Helsinki

Flag of Finland


Language: Finnish and Swedish

Currency: Euro

Capital: Helsinki - population 590,000


Finland has:

  1. The least corrupt Government in the world

  2. The most heavy metal bands per capita - 54 per 100,000 people

  3. The best education system in the world

  4. The highest coffee consumption in the world - 12kg per person per year

  5. The most saunas per capita - 3.3 million for 5.5 million people

  6. Drinks the most milk per capita - 1 litre per person per day

  7. The most liveable and honest city in the world

  8. The best mobile games in the world - think angry birds

  9. The title of second happiest country - after Denmark

  10. No payphones, in the whole country, but they did give us Nokia

  11. The Wife Carrying world Championship and the Air Guitar World Championship

  12. Expensive speeding tickets - they are based on the drivers annual income

Helsinki is one of the coldest cities in the world. It does not receive sunshine for around 51 straight days in winter, has around 101 days of snow and an average of 169 days that the temperature is below zero

Helsinki's symbols are: Plant - Maple, Animal - Squirrel

Helsinki is full of islands - 315 of them

Helsinki was founded by Sweden's King Gustavus Vasa in 1550 as a new trading port to compete with Tallinn, then called the Hanseatic town of Reval.


  • The first internet browser for the public

  • The rescue toboggan

  • the heart-rate monitor

  • Salty licorice

  • Ice skates

  • Angry Birds

  • The Molotov cocktail

  • The SMS

  • The Sauna


Power plugs and sockets:

  • Finland uses 2 round pins (see picture)

  • so an adaptor is required, but it is the same plug for Morocco, Spain and Italy

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