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Rabat to Fes - Wednesday 31st May

Train from Rabat to Fes

Basic info:

  • Distance - 227 kms

  • Travel time - approx 3 hours

  • Train fare - 1st class is 127 dhs (approx AUD $17) per person

  • Buying tickets - cannot buy until we get there, don't usually sell out

  • for more info on the train conditions see: Marrakesh to Rabat

Important Info:

  • As we are travelling during Ramadan it is important to be aware that the usual on-board food and beverage services will not be operating during the day - ergo, we must bring our own drinks and snacks with us for the 4 hour journey.

Train times:

  • Depart 10.07am - Arrive 12.40pm

  • Depart 11.12am - Arrive 2.20pm

  • Depart 12.10pm - Arrive 2.43pm

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