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Cruise to Russia, or Riga?

St Petersburg

St Petersburg

For a while now I have been waiting for the new summer schedule to be released by St Peters Line, for their cruises from Helsinki to St Petersburg.

Well it seems I've been wasting my time visiting their website frequently to check for updates, as there will not be any.

St Peters Line have formed a partnership with Moby Lines, an Italian ferry company, and Moby will be managing their boats from this April. With this comes several changes:

  • There will now only be one SPL boat operating in the Baltic Sea, the Princess Anastasia

  • Said boat will be Italianized to attract more tourists

  • The schedule will change to a set weekly itinerary as below

Sunday: departure from St Petersburg and night crossing to Helsinki. Monday: 1.5 hour stop in Helsinki and crossing to Tallinn. Tuesday: Stockholm Wednesday: Helsinki Thursday to Friday: overnight in St Petersburg, as hotel. Friday-Sunday: St. Petersburg - Helsinki - St. Petersburg.

What does this mean for us?

Well, we arrive in Helsinki late at night on Monday, June 19th, and then Leish leaves on the Tuesday night, and we leave on Sunday night, the 25th.

So, based on this itinerary not changing, we would be able to board the boat on Wednesday in Helsinki and arrive back in Helsinki on Saturday.

  • 21st - Wednesday approx 7pm - overnight cruise from Helsinki to St Petersburg

  • 22nd - Thursday - all day in St Petersburg, and then the night spent on-board boat or in a hotel

  • 23rd - Friday - Day in St P. - approx 7pm - overnight boat back into Helsinki, arriving approx 8am on Saturday morning.

That would give us 2 full days in St Petersburg, and 3 nights spent on the boat

How to buy tickets: Not yet for sale, may not be for 1-2 months.

Possible complications: The 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup is on in Russia, at the same time. In fact Australia will be playing a match in St Petersburg ON Thursday the 22nd!!! Vs the team that wins the African Championship in case you are interested. This could mean that (a) getting ferry tickets becomes impossible because football fans are using it for the visa free bonus, and/or (b) the city is crazy busy with footy fans and its a party/riot like atmosphere...


What about a back-up plan?

If Russia doesn't work out (there are NO other visa free options by the way) then how about Stockholm, Sweden?

There are similar overnight cruises from Helsinki-Stockholm.


Wednesday 21st - Depart Helsinki @ 5.30pm

Thursday 22nd - Arrive in Stockholm @ 10.00am

Thursday 22nd - Depart Stockholm @ 4.30pm

Friday 23rd - Arrive Helsinki @ 10.10am

Option 1:

  • 2 nights aboard M/S Gabriella

  • 6.5 hours in Stockholm (really only about 4 hrs sightseeing)

  • 2 x cabins aboard ship - 1 large inside double, 1 inside single

  • Includes ferry boat transfer to and from central Stockholm

  • there are plenty of bars, restaurants and shops onboard and meals can be pre-purchased

Total cost 457 Euro (AUD $220 per person / $660 total)

Option 2:

  • 1 night aboard M/S Gabriella and 1 night aboard M/S Mariella

  • 1 night in Stockholm (from 10am Thurs to 4.30pm Friday)

  • 2 x cabins aboard ship - 1 inside double, 1 inside single

  • 1 night in a triple room in Stockholm at the Crystal Plaza Hotel

  • there are plenty of bars, restaurants and shops onboard and meals can be pre-purchased

Total cost 681 Euro (AUD $325 per person / $980 total)



you can get info on Tallink Silja Line here

Helsinki - Stockholm - Riga - Helsinki

Tuesday 20th June

Depart Helsinki at 5pm

Wednesday 21st June

Arrive Stockholm at 9.30am


Depart Stockholm at 5pm

Thursday 22nd June

Arrive Rida at 11am


Depart Riga at 5.30pm

Friday 23rd June

Arrive Stockholm at 10.30am


Depart Stockholm at 4.45 pm

Saturday 24th June

Arrive Helsinki at 9.55am

Silja Symphony to and from Stockholm = 441 euro

Isabelle to and from Riga = 142 euro

Total = 583 euro / AUD $840 for all 3 people

this is with 4 nights accommodation, in 2 cabins

Some sightseeing tour buses available:

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