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Transport to the Chelsea Flower Show

Wondering how to get to the Chelsea Flower Show?

On the RHS website there is info on how to travel to the show by Bus, Tube, ferry or Taxi and bus is the best option if you don't want to walk to far as the bus stop is bus stop is quite close to the entrance.

From Trafalgar Square you want to take the number 11 bus as it stops just across the roundabout from the apartment.

Bus stop for the #11 bus

At the other end it is just a short 400 metre walk to the entrance.

walk to Chelsea

Walking distance from the bus stop to Chelsea

The total journey should take approx 35 minutes and the number 11 bus leaves every 6-8 minutes.

The Chelsea Flower Show opens at 8am, to arrive at around that time it would be best to catch the 7.22am, 7.28am or 7.36am bus

number 11 bus stops

Stops on the #11 route

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