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Helsinki Card - is it worth it?

So, Helsinki has a card for tourists, called the Helsinki Card - tricky hey

It costs a whopping €56 for a 48 hour card, so the tight arse in me immediately disregarded it as too expensive.

However, after revisiting the the card and it's inclusions I'm now leaning towards thinking that it could be a great idea for us.

Firstly, to make best use of the card we could move the day trip to Tallinn to our second stop in Helsinki - which would be Tuesday the 19th, this is Leish's last day so we would all be able to make the trip still.

Now, onto the specifics of the Helsinki Card.

  1. The one that would be best value for us is called the Helsinki Card Region.

  2. It is valid for 48 consecutive hours from when it is first used.

  3. You save €3 each person buy pre-purchasing online (otherwise it is €59)

  4. There is a collection point at the terminal we will be arriving into at Helsinki Airport

  5. The Finnair airport bus and/or the airport train are included - but only one way in our case as the 48 hours won't quite stretch to cover the whole time we are there.

What can you get to make it worth the money?

Below are 2 examples of what we could do.

On top of this there discounts to tons of museums, 20% off dinner at some great restaurants

You can have a look at exactly what is included here: The Helsinki Card

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