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First night out - London

Argyll Street

Liberty department Store

Carnaby Street

Kingly Court

From the apartment:

  • Take the Bakerloo line from Charing Cross North to Oxford Circus

  • Only takes 3 minutes, goes every 5 minutes

  • At Oxford Circus use exit 6/7 or 8 for Argyll Street or 1/2/3/4 for the main Oxford Circus intersection

Bakerloo Line

Walk down Argyll Street to the Liberty Department Store.

Liberty is open til 8pm, it's a beautiful store with really expensive goodies - http://www.libertylondon.com/

Argyll Street

To the left of Liberty is the start of Carnaby Street.

13 streets in the heart of London's West End with over 100 shops and 60 restaurants, bars and cafés.


From its beginning all the way back in 1682 to being the birthplace of Swinging London in the 60's Carnaby Street has an iconic history as the epicentre of culture and lifestyle in the West End.

Areas to check out include Kingly Court, Newsburgh Quarter and the 13 streets of Carnaby are filled with murals, art installations and historical street signs not to be missed - See more at: https://www.carnaby.co.uk/news-and-events/street-art-guide-to-carnaby/#sthash.6sMTRzgy.dpuf

London Sunset times

London Sunset times

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