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Airportr = Totes awesome!

Imagine if we could travel without having to carry our own luggage!

How cool would it be if we could just magic our suitcases from A to B and not have to carry them up and down stairs, along streets, onto buses and trains or in and out of taxis.....


For one day anyway.

There is a great service in London called Airportr and they will come and collect our bags from the apartment and take them to the airport for us!

But wait, there's more...they will even check them onto the flight for us, so that we don't have to see them again until we land in Morocco!

That sounds pretty expensive I hear you say. But it's not, it's just $80 AUD total for 4 suitcases - bargain!


Now we will have the freedom to check out of the apartment, stroll down to St James Palace and enjoy the Changing of the Guard, and then afterwards wander over to Victoria Station to catch the Gatwick Express train to the airport.

All without having to give our suitcases another thought. No need to rush back to the apartment and stress about getting a taxi etc.

As it said, it's Totes Awesome!!


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