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Can you do Prague in 2 days? and other important questions

Prague has a lot to see, and you won't be able to do everything in 2 days.

But, this is enough time for the highlights of Prague if you plan your time well, and it will surely whet your appetite for a future visit.

Need to Know, for first timers...

  1. Do they use euro in Czech Republic?

  2. Where can I change money?

  3. How do you get from Prague airport into the city centre?

  4. Where should I stay?

  5. How do I get around Prague?

1 - Do they use euro in Czech Republic?

  • No, the currency is the Czech Koruna - CZK is the international code and is the symbol

  • Notes start at 100Kč up to 5000Kč. Coins are 1,2,5,10,20 and 50Kč

  • The normal exchange rate is approx 1 euro to 25 CZK, so a 5000Kč note is equal to around 200 Euro! Probably not what you want to use for coffee or a beer.

2 - Where can I change money?

  • Prague has a lot places to change money and also a lot of dodgy currency exchange shops, so you need to be careful about where you change your money. Check out the Honest Guide channel on You Tube for an explanation of the issues with changing money in Prague.

  • If you realize you have just been ripped off, you have 3 hours to cancel the transaction - see here for more info on that.

  • Wherever you change your money be sure to check the signs and get as close to 1 EUR to 25 CZK as you can.

3 - How do you get from Prague airport into the city centre?

  • Prague airport is only 15km from the city centre.

  • By car it can take from 25 to 40 minutes depending on traffic to make the trip.

  • Public transport is the cheapest way of getting to downtown Prague from the airport, but involves some walking and can get crowded at peak times.

  • Taking a taxi from the airport is risky as there are endless stories of people being ripped off by Prague taxi drivers - especially when coming from the airport. If you are going to use a taxi in Prague, read this first.

  • Uber is active and Legal in Prague, use this link to their price estimator to get an idea of their rates.

4 - Where should I stay?

Prague has a lot of great neighbourhoods to choose from, and your choice may come down to the kind of holiday you want or budget or both. Below are the three most popular and central areas of Prague to stay:

  • Old Town - is a popular choice for people visiting Prague for the first time, due to it's central location. It's great to visit and you will definitely spend time here but accommodation here is more expensive and the restaurants and shops more 'touristy' than in other areas.

  • Mala Strana - is the area on the west side of the river that runs from Charles Bridge up to the Prague Castle. It is a very pretty and romantic neighbourhood, but is not flat so if hills are an issue you may not want to stay here. Mala Strana is also very busy with tourists during the day, but calms down at night. This area is also known as Lesser Town.

  • New Town - this area borders Old Town to it's right. It has the benefit of being almost as close to the centre and accommodation here is cheaper, despite it's name, the area dates back to the 1300s. Karlovo Namesti is a small neighbourhood within New Town that is close to the Charles Bridge and has a more residential vibe than other parts of New Town.

5 - How do I get around Prague?

  • If you are staying in Old Town, New Town or Lesser Town - you can walk to all the sights quite easily. From Old Town you are no more than 10 minutes to all the main sights. In Lesser town (Mala Strana) you are really close to the Prague Castle. With New Town it depends on the part you stay - you may be very close to Charles Bridge, or in the heart of the Jewish Quarter and both are still walk-able to everything.

  • Should you need transport Prague has a really good integrated metro, tram and bus network - meaning one ticket is valid for all 3 types of transport.

  • A single ticket is valid for unlimited travel in 90 minutes and you can transfer between metro, tram and bus on the same ticket.

  • The number 22 tram is the one that goes up to Prague castle from New Town and beyond.

  • Below is a map of the Tram and Metro lines in Prague.

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