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Day trips from Girona - without a car

The city of Girona is in the northeast of Spain, just 38 minutes by fast train from Barcelona.

As well as being a interesting town in itself Girona is a great base to explore the Costa Brava and the region of Catalonia. Here are my picks for the best day trips that can be done from Girona without a car.

the Onyar River in Girona

BESALU - a medieval village

Besalu is easily reached by local bus from Girona. Teisa run hourly services in each direction and the travel time is around 47 minutes.

Besalu is a really well preserved medieval village and the 11th century fortified bridge is only one of many the reasons that Besalu is considered one of Spain's most beautiful towns.

Romanesque bridge at the entrance to Besalu

With a history that includes Roman, Visigoth and Moorish rulers, a Jewish bathhouse that dates back to 1264, Romanesque churches, narrow cobblestone streets and a medieval town square that hosts a lively weekly market, there is plenty to see and do that makes Besalu a great day trip from Girona.

FIGUERES - the Dali Museum

Figueres is just 15 minutes by train from Girona. Located 42km to the north, train is easily the fastest way to travel between Girona and Figueres. With a population of around 45,000 Figueres is the second largest town in the Province of Girona.

the Dali Museum in Figueres

Figueres is the birthplace of Salvadore Dali, and he designed the Theatre-Museum himself, which is the reason most visitors come to Figueres and is the second most visited museum in Spain after the Prado in Madrid.

There is plenty more to see in Figueres, including Sant Ferran Castle, interesting architecture and good food, wine and shopping along Figueres tree lined La Rambla.

CADAQUES - Dali's house by the sea

Cadaques is a little more difficult to reach but still doable by public transport.

The fastest option is to catch the train to Figueres and then a bus onto Cadaques. The bus from Figueres to Cadaques takes around 1 hour and runs three times a day.

Cadaques, on the Costa Brava

Cadaques is a beautiful seaside town that is well worth a few hours, but the primary reason for visiting Cadaques is to visit the house that Dali spent much of his live in, just a short walk away in the tiny village of Port Lligat. Now a museum, tickets need to be purchased at least a few weeks in advance as it has limited capacity.

PUBOL - Dali's Castle

Pubol is home to the Gala Dali Castle and is the third stop in the Dali Triangle route.

Pubol can be reached by bus from Girona, the journey takes just under 1 hour and there are hourly departures.

Gala Dali Castle, Pubol

When Dali bought the home for his wife Gala back in 1969 it was just the ruins of an 12th century castle. But Dali turned it into a a dedication to his wife and muse Gala and a continuation of the work he created at his coastal home.

Gala lived there until her death and is said to have taken many lovers into her 80's and to only have allowed Dali to visit her there by her handwritten invitation.


Barcelona can be reached in 39 minutes on the high speed train from Girona

If you are not going to be staying in Barcelona then it is an easy day trip from Girona.

Beaches in Barcelona

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