Trip Itinerary - day by day - Week 5


Friday, 16th June

  • For breakfast we should try the local speciality Lumachella (snail).  Named that way for its shape not taste, it's a pastry that has cheese and ham in it.

  • Today we will spend the day exploring Orvieto, and taking advantage of our Carta Unica cards, which give us free entry into all the sights in Orvieto, including:

    • Churches, museums, the Etruscan necropolis, a medieval tower, and the underground caves ​

    • Everything can be reached on foot, but we also have free use of the A + B tourist bus for the duration of our stay

    • Tonight we can try out the aperitif scene in Orvieto

Saturday, 17th June

  • It's Market day in Orvieto today!

  • The market is held on Saturday mornings in Piazza del Popolo - the Peoples Square

    • It starts at 7am and winds down around 12pm​

    • good for fresh food, clothes, crafts​

  • For lunch we can enjoy some of the yummy produce from the market​, and then maybe chill out for a couple of hours due to the early start this morning.

  • Head out for drinks in one of the main piazzas

Sunday, 18th June

  • Today is Festival day - the Corpus Domini Festival

    • Expect costumes, music, parades, it should be colourful and fun

    • should start around 9am

  • Nothing else is planned for today as this annual festival may take up all of our day

Monday, 19th June

Depart Rome: 7.45pm // Arrive Helsinki: 0.05am

  • The checkout time for our apartment is 10am

  • Travel by train back to Rome and store our luggage at termini station for a few hours

  • There is more to see and do in Rome than we will ever have time for  so finding something to do for a few hours shouldn't be an issue

  • Catch a train at 5pm to the airport, they leave every 20mins and the journey takes 30mins

  • Fly with Finnair from Rome to Helsinki

  • We arrive just after midnight so will take a taxi to our apartment, both for speed and safety.

  • Check in to our apartment at approx 1am - this has been confirmed with the owner and her dad will be there to let us in.

  • Time to get some sleep

Tuesday, 20th June

  • Today is a free day in Helsinki, nothing will be planned as we may want to sleep in, or have things that we didn't have time to see on the last visit.

  • We will all meet upfor an early dinner as this is Leish's last day.

  • After dinner, at around 8pm, Sarah will go to the airport with Leish and see her off for her midnight flight home.

Wednesday, 21st June

  • Today we will check out of the apartment as late as possible.

  • Check-in time for the Princess Anastasia opens at 3pm.  If we get to the airport early there are cafes etc to pass the time.

  • Enjoy a fun evening on the Russian ship, with it's multitude of bars and restaurants, and relax in our spacious suite

Thursday, 22nd June

  • This morning we will wake up in St Petersburg, Russia

  • Time to enjoy our VIP breakfast buffet with champagne and caviar

  • Make sure we have arranged to be off the ship nice and early (as VIPs immigration is supposed to be taken care of for us) and take the complimentary shuttle into town

  • Collect our St Petersburg cards so that we can enjoy as many sights as possible over the next 2 days.

  • Tonight if we have the energy it may be cool to do a night bridge cruise - to see the raising of 50 or so drawbridges on the Neva river

When we arrive in Orvieto we need to purchase the Carta Unica passes before getting on the Funicular as free transport is included with the card - they are for sale at the Funicular station

Some Orvieto specialities we should try include:

Peposo - braised Beef (16th Century recipe)
Slow cooked with pears only and served with thin slices of fresh pear on top
(this dish was the special reward that the builders of the Duomo of Orvieto would be given on a Sunday if they managed to complete the work assigned to them by the Master during the previous week)
€ 12.00 at Duca Di Orvieto

Umbrichelle - a type of  pasta in a narrow red wine with grated salty ricotta cheese 
(this is a historical recipe whose preparation takes three days, the wine is boiled for at least 10 hours until it becomes dense, only then it is used to knead the umbrellas and prepare The sauce) 
€ 16,00 also  at Duca Di Orvieto

The region of Umbria has been dubbed the “green heart” of Italy because it is so rich in wine and agriculture; farmers and artisanal producers from the surrounding countryside arrive at the market in Orvieto early in the morning to sell their products. They close up just in time for the lunch hour. Like many in Italy, the market in Orvieto is far less manicured (and costly) than those in France.

The Corpus Domini Festival in Orvieto began in 1264.

It takes place on the 9th Sunday after Easter each year.

Essence: The religious procession parades along with the Pageant, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Italy, which includes all the municipal courts of the time, coats and arms and weapons of the noble families of Orvieto offering a highly evocative and unforgettable experience having as background the incomparable scenery of the monuments and characteristic streets of Orvieto.

Districts: The four districts parade with their representatives on the Corpus Domini day, in a polychromatic representation of Tabors, Trumpeters, Candle Bearers, Flag Wavers and Banners, the Major Banner Bearer and the Minor Banner Bearer who were elected by the people (one for each district) in the council established by the Consuls of Major Arts and those of the Minor Arts.

In Orvieto, the four districts divide the Old Town according to the location of the two main roads running through the rock

So much to see in Rome, will you choose Churches, ruins, shopping, eating, or something else ?? 

Best to have a plan in advance as we will only have 4-5 hours, but no point planning ti now as it will depend somewhat on what we see the first time.

We will be checking into our accommodation at around 1am, hopefully not too much later than that.

Because it was really hard to find an apartment that would allow check in at such a crazy time we have had to settle for a one bedroom, however it has 2 single beds in the loungeroom

The holiday is almost over so I hope you all have done everything you wanted to, if so maybe its time to relax in a Finnish Sauna?

It's the last dinner for the awesome foursome, we will either be happy or sad to split up, either way a nice meal seems fitting before we send Leish on her way

This is the cabin description on the website, we'll see how reality compares:

For those who appreciate a holiday in the highest class, and dislikes getting lost by small things, we offer a luxury 2-bedroom apartment overlooking the sea, Class Suite, located on the 6th deck of the ferry.

For an unforgettable stay, this cabin has everything: a spacious living room and a comfortable bedroom with an en suite bathroom. In the price of the cabin includes the registration and passport control without waiting in line, mini bar, a Deluxe breakfast with champagne and caviar in the restaurant New York City, sauna in the morning and wi-fi.

We haven't pre-purchased any dinners onboard, as there are 10 bars and restaurants to choose from where food options range from buffet to cafe, and we may eat ashore the 2 days that we are in St Petersburg

The St Petersburg cards can be purchased onboard the ship for 50 euro per person - which will be easier than buying online and collecting in town after arrival.